“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes,

even when the people in it do” - Andy Warhol


Born in a little town outside the big city, I spent most of my early days surrounded by water and treating my little sister like a baby doll. Now grown up, I have been working in London for the last 7 years where I have assisted some of London's top photographers, travelling the world from Europe to Japan with them, and experiencing things that I would not have dreamed possible. These experiences sparked my development into a kids and family lifestyle and advertising Photographer. 

Fast forward a handful of years and I’m now living back in Surrey with my husband and our little boy witnessing the wonder and amazement of him growing up. It is the light and energy of these moments that I look to capture for my clients and I hope this shows in my images.

I have been lucky enough to work with so many amazingly talented people (both little and grown up!) It really is the most fun you can have for a job. I think I bring a lot to my work; patience, ease of working within a creative group and within tight deadlines, and having a unique and creative eye for what I am photographing to name but a few. 

I feel very lucky to be living and working in my dream job with the support of my family and friends.